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Our company holds "August 1" army day themed education activities

 Today is August 1st, the anniversary of the founding of the people's liberation army. In the celebration of the "August 1" army day coming, our company combined with the actual and "innovation and excellence" closely combined, broaden the innovative ideas, multi-angle, multi-form activities, the company during the August 1 activities are summarized as follows.

 In the morning, the leaders and all the staff held a national defense education lecture with the theme of "national defense knowledge talk on August 1st". Through the propaganda video, the national defense education of the staff was strengthened, their national defense concepts were strengthened, and their patriotic enthusiasm and enthusiasm for innovation were stimulated.

 In the afternoon, the company held a symposium to celebrate August first army day. At the forum, the leaders first extended holiday greetings and cordial sympathy to the employees, and at the same time, inquired about the life and physical condition of the grassroots employees. We hope that while taking good care of the health, we can actively exert our ability, maintain and carry forward the revolutionary spirit, and contribute to the development of the company. The staff at the meeting spoke freely and warmly, and summarized the progress and achievements of the first half of the year.
 Through this activity, we further improve our staff's national defense awareness, understand the current national defense status quo and international situation, strengthen the national defense concept with patriotism as the core, and establish the awareness of crisis in times of peace. As an import and export trading company, we should lead by example, give full play to the national defense spirit and team spirit in business contacts, learn the sense of responsibility and mission of soldiers, and make the company develop to a higher level!