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Internet marketing should be noted that three matters

  Compared with wide spread, fast, no time to geographical restrictions, feedback quickly and cost is low, making the network marketing has become a way to promote SMEs most popular, many network marketing and traditional marketing services The provider also emerged. They claimed that the outreach program will not only allow companies to do more with less, and can also protect the corporate brand, bringing more customers to provide the best cost-effective marketing programs. 

  Publicity costs is not very lucrative small and medium sized slogan really attractive, but quite a mixed bag, the actual use of the effect is not like as propaganda, and some even false promises. To this end, the reporter visited the people in the industry, ask them to talk about should pay attention.      A service provider traffic is large enough    

  As we all know, network promotion, the most obvious effect is the more users browse the website of the enterprise. The judge traffic should pay attention to the following questions: first to examine the provision of extension services to site its own flow is large. Only to promote the main flow, but also the promotion position or location in the channel have a good traffic. Such as a portal websites, news, community, SMS and other channels every day, millions of people browsing, but its search for a channel that few users use search class extension services should choose a professional search engine such as GOOGLE, Baidu, Find product information on the Internet more than 95% of domestic users will see the results provided by it, so can bring direct and effective customer.      II allows you to select the number of keywords    

  Through a search engine promotion, internationally accepted methods, and does not restrict the companies can use keywords, more keywords can be provided to the user plenty of channels to find the site. This approach is very scientific, and received good results in search engine promotion. To remind the enterprise, the choice of a variety of outreach programs, we must take full account of give ourselves a certain strain space in order to obtain real and effective promotion effect.  

    Third, your own website traffic analysis   

   In terms of network marketing companies often put a lot of energy, manpower, material and financial resources, but do not understand the customers come from to spend money blindly, which is not very appropriate for the costs is not sufficient for SMEs. Effects come from? Which site is better? Which keywords are more in line with the customer's appetite? Where the investment is spent wisely? The next year the money should be spent where? Where the money should not be spent? Therefore, experts advise companies to install the data flow analysis system on their own websites, so you can be aware of to make their investment more effectively. In addition, a number of other after-sales service should also draw attention to formal service providers will give customers ready to perfect and attentive customer support, and give customers a more reasonable proposal.