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Escalating to talk about from the sewing speed

  With the growing high-tech sewing industry sewing equipment, quality, efficiency, functional clothing, equipment requirements, its upstream business - sewing machinery manufacturing naturally create their own products in the technical performance parameters and integrated functions, grade and other aspects only step over step progress. Among them, especially the continuing escalation of the main technical parameters of the sewing speed, for a time in the industry "Sewing speed upgrade" has become the most fashionable topic.  

  Sewing speed escalation of research, the lofty ideals of the Chinese sewing machine manufacturing generations have to pay is difficult to calculate the hard work and wisdom. From the early 1850s, has experienced a difficult course of half a century: from the early days only imitation sewing speed is greater than 1500r.pm JA, JB purely mechanical domestic sewing machines, has developed to be able to produce sewing speed for GC, 3000r.pm, the GN-speed industrial sewing machines, sewing speed for 35 ~ 4000r.pm of Asian high-speed industrial sewing machines, sewing speed for the 4500,5000 r.pm high-speed industrial sewing, and now the production of sewing speed for 5500,6000 , 8000r.pm the various types of mechanical and electrical integration of ultra-high-speed industrial sewing machine (abroad sewing speed for ultra-high-speed packet of 10000r.pm sewing machine).    

  Equipment such as sewing industry is really suitable sewing speed "exactly how much? Sewing speed "whether the higher the better? The level of domestic machinery can guarantee up to reach much sewing speed "? Its "price" and how? These are placed in front of the sewing equipment manufacturing industry colleagues, key issues need urgent answer.      I believe that: everything should have a "degree" is suitable as well. Sewing speed, "" research competition how to determine, only for the "fit" and "appropriate"? I consider not only with the users to use the sewing material, thickness, suture material, twist, spin, specifications and to the size of the needle and the needle blade cross-section, and the length of the seam with the requirements of line, bending and backward sewing (such as the seam end reinforcement). Because of its flexible sewing, stitching in the sewing, sewing machines, rigid mechanical parts between not only the interaction force changes, more movement speed and direction of change, and in a variety of sewing speed " will produce a value ranging from inertia, vibration, noise and all kinds of sewing failure (such as break, jump stitches, sewing material creep, wrinkle, partial line), and the trains run failure (such as loose parts, the card death, galling, deformation and even damage, etc.).       

 The above-mentioned drawbacks that may arise under the different "sewing speed, not yet involved in the case of high speed to ensure that the movements of the sewing machine to pay the normal lubrication, the lubricant due to overflow, leakage, seepage pollution sewing. This kind of pollution it is clothing, harness the processing industry of the most vexing taboo. I clearly remember that in 1980 a "whole army clothing, equipment product tune package Check, precisely because of the pollution of the sewing and the thread is too long, some munitions were loaded factory director, the political commissar of being criticized, removed from the. Things finally are clear - because at that time, the domestic industrial sewing quality and functionality of the shortage. Then major quartermaster packaging plant (such as Beijing 3501, Shijiazhuang, 3502, Nanjing 3503, Shenyang, 3504, Changchun, 3505, Wuhan, 3506, Xi'an, 3507, Chengdu 3508, Lanzhou, 3512, Chengde 3540, Danjiang 3541) before more and more to the introduction of foreign high-quality, multi-purpose all kinds of industrial sewing machines, breaking the domestic medium-speed industrial sewing machines to dominate the situation of the sewing market within the military, the matter does not end the phenomenon soon lead to the local attention and follow the example of the major clothing factory (such as the Beijing Dahua garment factory, shirt factory Beijing, Wuxi and bright clothing factory, etc.). At the same time as the domestic production of medium-speed industrial sewing machine manufacturers of the PLA 3607 Factory as well as to work every day standards, South China and therefore has been varying degrees of shock (too soon after this, the domestic each industrial sewing machine manufacturers have launched various types of high-speed industrial sewing machines can not help with this).       

  Twenty years have past after, the Chinese industrial sewing machine manufacturing industry has made great progress, especially after joining the WTO in recent years China has become the center of the world's industrial sewing machines, and its product variety, performance, grades, and yield have rapid development, it is easy to see only from the trend of the previous CISMA Exhibition.      China has become an industrial sewing machine producing countries in the world, how soon become strong? I thought only the quality and brand too long a time increase is the right path because the products of any effective marketing and brand planning is required to rely on strength to speak. In this regard, as a rising star of the large number of private industrial sewing machine manufacturer has made a contribution to the quick step, leap, Jack, precious stones, in the Czech Republic, etc.    

 And experience accumulated in the electrical and mechanical manufacturing industry, people know: that is very advanced electronic control, universal, even if it is then advanced mechanical and electrical products, its implementing agencies are still a variety of different forms of mechanical parts motion to pay, or to face contact, or constitute a Creepy one hundred like line, point contact, compact structure, motor coordination, a fully functional complex combination. Imagine if these final "sweep the battlefield mechanization host, that is, the then state-of-the-art control system, what is?   

 Tests to prove: When mechanical motion to pay the relative movement line speeds of up to 10 m / sec, is not taken to allow the working conditions of dry friction measures, will the relative movement of the component surface is rapidly warming - Coking - killed. Is no exception to this phenomenon sewing machines (sewing speed 5000r.pm the high-speed lockstitch sewing machine, for example, the relative linear velocity of the rotary hook rails pay about 15 m / sec). Therefore, in low-speed sewing machines usually timed manual refueling, or smearing grease for high-speed sewing machines, using different forms of the pump to force oil generally higher in terms of "sewing speed pump oil pressure should be the greater. However, force the oil in a variety of factors often will inevitably lubricant overflow, leakage, seepage, and therefore will cause pollution should not be on the sewing material.   

  A "reverse out of the new perception of human flaws and setbacks at home and abroad many sewing machine manufacturers in recent years the introduction of micro-oil," oil free "sewing machine, it is the lubricant overflow, leakage, seepage butt material pollution caused by defects in reverse with the new initiative. The CISMA2004 during the exhibition I have seen the following types of micro-oil or oil-free sewing machine:    

 Pfeiffer husband 1053,1181, Nanqi 885, re-machine the DDL-5700N, the DDL-9000, brother DB2-DD7200A Shanggong GC9000 the Jack JK8990D-Y, in the Czech Republic ZJ9000 speed sewing machine, as well as heavy machine 6900, Jack JK798W high-speed Overlock Sewing Machine. According to my preliminary analysis, the above-mentioned micro-oil or oil-free high-speed sewing machine to use more of the following measures:     

 Sealed rolling bearing using high-precision oil-bearing instead of open rolling bearings or plain bearings under normal conditions; B within the cleaning chamber is not only set the trace oil installations, but also has sufficient oil return system; pay for high-speed movement of components Seiko doing fine, not only to ensure the geometric accuracy, the accuracy of the assembly, and multicomponent permeation, low-temperature nitride and other polymer processing, surface treatment (such as infiltration of carbon - nitrogen - boron ternary homes Stanishev A cryogenic liquid nitriding and "Teflon" treatment), D on the cover and the body, the body with the oil so that withstand high-speed frictions parts surface can form a high hardness, anti-bite uniform dense compounds; disk such as standing joint surface is not only to ensure a higher plane, and accompanied by soft and difficult to tear gasket or seal ring of the crushing of composite materials to ensure that the state of compression loaded sealing ring pad there is sufficient, even deformation (eg, Xianyang "Dragon Seal" in recent years has been a number of sewing machine manufacturer to accept); E, exposed rotating pay, sliding pay components are mostly local structural changes necessary to increase the seal ring groove and even stable coating performance sealants ... In addition, the attempted "maglev, linear motor drive, as well as being known as free lubrication ideas for oil" igus engineering plastic bearings are machinery manufacturing industry actively brew cried.        

 More than humble opinion is certainly wrong and incomplete, the right to do start a discussion purposes. With industry experts, colleagues do sincerely to learn, exchange, first as a breakthrough from the machining process and assembly process to actively promote the rapid escalation of our sewing machine manufacturing, product quality, variety and grade, as early as an angel embarrassment the sewing machine manufacturing country into a practical, real world sewing machines power, "MADE IN CHINA" resounded through the whole world into the clothing industry.        

 Article to this end, but I suddenly remembered that Jack Holding Group of external experts, Japanese friends in the wild, such a description in his speech on the recently held 2004 sewing machine forum: "At present, all garment factories in the world , rotation speed has enough 8000r.pm (referring to the ultra-high-speed packet sewing machine). 10000r.pm's no longer popular. "special in this excerpt for the industry in China sewing machine sewing speed upgrade research colleagues for reference.